Canons Park Estate

An oasis of calm and beauty within suburbia

Introduction to CanonsTalk

CanonsTalk is a community network for Members of the Canons Park Estate Limited (CPEL) and Lodge Close residents. Information of local events, recommendations for local trade services, and issues which apply to the Estate can be shared keeping everyone up-to-date and connected. It is very much intended as a forum to exchange information rather than to have long discussions. Core to CanonsTalk is the desire to be cohesive rather than divisive.

Any fully paid member of Canons Park Estate Limited (CPEL) or resident of Lodge Close can be included on CanonsTalk - if you want to be added please email

Once you are registered you will receive emails posted. If you wish to submit a post, please email

The site is moderated, so all messages are checked to ensure they are appropriate. This means there may be a delay dependent on the Moderators' opportunities to deal with email on any given day. If a message is moderated, a Moderator will try to contact you to explain the problem, and see if there is a way for it to be posted.

Post guidelines

The purpose of CanonsTalk is to encourage residents to engage, so moderation is kept to a minimum. This does mean discussions may be stopped if email traffic gets too heavy. This does not reflect an endorsement of one view over the other by the moderators.

To reduce the risk of moderation, users are asked to adhere to the following guidelines:

No commercial advertising or promotion is permitted, but information about charity or local events and concerts is very much welcome. Likewise, residents' teenage/ young adult children advertising their babysitting services etc is permitted.

Moderators may post messages from officials highlighting particular updates which may be of interest to some of the Members. In doing so, there is no endorsement for any political or religious belief.

When posting a message please consider that its purpose should be to provide or request information rather than opinion. There will be an equal and opposite opinion and CanonsTalk is not a discussion forum.

When using CanonsTalk, no expletives, profanities or racist language which may offend other Members of CanonsTalk may be used.