Canons Park Estate

An oasis of calm and beauty within suburbia

Contacts at Harrow Council

Please feel free to contact the CPEL about any matters concerning the areas of the Estate that it manages - ie. the grass verges in Canons Drive, the Basin, the Lake, the entrance pillars, membership of the Association and advice on parking and security matters in general on the Estate.

However, the CPEL has no responsibility for street lighting, dustbin collection, street cleaning, planning applications, tree surgery, or paving, which are all handled by Harrow Council.

Here are a few of the most often requested direct phone numbers for the relevant departments at Harrow Council:-

Please contact the council to find the contact number for the Neighbourhood Champion for your road.

London Borough of Harrow 
    Main Switchboard:020 8863 5611
Search for planning/tree matters under Environmental Services
Street Lighting Faults020 8901 2600
Highways & Lighting020 8901 2600
Abandoned Vehicles020 8901 2600
Street Cleansing020 8901 2600
Refuse Collections / Special Collections020 8901 2600
Planning / Building Control020 8736 6069 / 6070
Trees / Landscape Group020 8736 6092
Conservation Areas020 8736 6100 / 6101
Parking / CPZ 020 8424 1275 (including permits/tokens for CPZ)